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         The college has a well equipped and computerised central library. There are sufficient number of text and reference books. There are also a few current journals which are basically subject oriented, health and sports related. The library is provided with a reading room with seat capacity for a good number of students at a time. Students can also avail easy excess to daily news by using news paper stand of the library.



          Name of the Library:         Puthimari College Library

          Year of Establishment:     1981

          Phone No:                             94354-08450

          Email:                                    bharalijk@gmail.com                      

          Library Timings: 

                                      Opening hour - 9 AM

                                               Closing hour - 4-30 PM

                                               Time for issuing books - 11 AM to 3 PM

          Library Holdings: 

                                               Total Collection (books) - 13500

                                               Total Journals -                17

                                               Total Newspapers -            07

                                                Special Collection -   e-books under NLIST,

                                                                                      Microsoft Encarta (Electronic)

                                                                                      Encyclopaedia Britannica Volume.

Membership:  * All regular students of B.A. and H.S. classes of the college.

                             * All faculty members and staff of the college.


Rules and Regulations:

          * Students are enrolled as a member of the library just after their admission.

* Students can study books in the library by producing their   identity cards.

            * Silence must be maintained in the reading room.


Number of  books issued to the students:

                                     * H.S. Students     = 01

                                     * B.A. (Gen)           = 02

                                     * B.A. (Major)              = 03

                                     * Book Bank Member   = 02


 Library Services offered:

                   * Provision for study in the Reading Room.

                   * Provision for reading daily and weekly newspapers and journals.

                   * Provision for issuing additional books to the poor but meritorious students through Book               

                   * Provision for OPAC Facility to enquire the titles of the collections of the library.

                   * Provision for accessing e-books in the computer through N-LIST Programme.

                   * Reward for the best reader is sponsored by the librarian every year.

         Library Automation:

                      All the books of the college library are computerised in SOUL 2.0 Version and book issuing service is fully automated using barcode technology.


           Proposed Plan:

               * Digitization of books and journals.

               * Construction of well equipped library building.


    Library Staff:

      1.  Jagadish Kr. Bharali              Librarian

       2.   Jagadish Kalita                    Library bearer   



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